Local Artists Berkeley is designed to help cultivate growth for the arts in Berkeley.  We strive to enrich the lives of the public, beautify the city, inspire the youth, and assist artists to become the professionals they are working hard to be.

Local Artists Berkeley is a 501(c)3 nonprofit art organization that is headquartered at Adeline's Lab, just south of the Ashby BART station.  We were founded in 2017 by artists Alex Nolan and Rory Terrell. LAB is a newly formed nonprofit arts organization with a mission to bridge artists and their artwork with the public.  We want to cultivate the arts for the city of Berkeley as well as foster growth and build equity for the Artists of the beautiful Bay Area.

Our goal is to set up 24 sculpture locations on a 12 month revolving arts program with the city of Berkeley, our starting point will be the downtown area, the Lorin District, the Gilman District, and a few other sites around Berkeley.  Local Artists Berkeley has the support of the Downtown Berkeley Association, TBID, and the Lorin Business Association; along with other private parties that wish to support our mission and bring art to the City.

2019 is an exciting year for us; we are ironing out all the detail of our pilot program to create a sculpture art walk that will help to facilitate further growth within our arts culture.  The integration of technology with all sculpture sites will allow for the public to be able to voice their opinions of the artwork in their city and also help to bring creative feedback to the artists that are giving the pubic a part of who they are.