Call for Art

Calling all Bay Area Artists

Local Artists Berkeley is reaching out to artists to find two outstanding artworks to propose to the City of Berkeley for temporary display for approximately one year. We are seeking artists who demonstrate experience in the design and production of public art. The two sculptures will be placed on West side of Shattuck Ave in Downtown.

Artworks will be selected by a jury of arts professionals and the selected artists will be given a stipend for the successful installation of their work. The selected artworks must be approved by the City of Berkeley Civic Arts Commission.  LAB will assist artist(s) with engineering approval, insurance, and installation of artwork.

Local Artists Berkeley is a newly formed 501(c)3 nonprofit art organization that advocates for the arts in Berkeley.  We want to bring art to the public realm while assisting artists with the burden of public art protocol and installation by raising funds to cover the cost. Please review our information on our website and email us with any questions.  We look forward to seeing your artwork!

Don't forget, the more funds we raise, the more the stipend will be! So please help share the news!!

LAB Application Instructions
All applications must include:

1. Art Resume, Bio, Artist Statement

2. Images for Proposal

  • Provide images of the artwork you would like to submit.

  • Please provide a corresponding image description sheet for the work you submit. Make sure to note if the images are of completed work or are in progress.

3. Proposal

  • What does Berkeley means to you and what your artwork can mean to Berkeley.

  • Along with any information you can provide about the artwork.

Please email any questions to:

And please Donate to help us with Administration Costs.

Application Form

By submitting a Application Form to LAB, artist agrees to allow LAB to use their material (text, images, biographical information, etc.) to promote the artwork.  We will not sell your images or info to anyone!!!

LAB 2018-2019 Application Form

Name *
up to 10 images of relevant artwork with image list
Tell us about the artwork you want to submit, with these two questions in mind. What does Berkeley mean to you and why is your artwork relevant to the city?

Thanks for your time!!  And please donate to help support the arts!!

Call for Art Donation